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468 – 470, Newcastle Street,
West Perth, W.A 6005

Ray – Hana’s was established in 1976.

In 1982, Ray Hana started importing and manufacturing Martial Arts goods , in Australia ; selling directly – to supply the best quality products at the best prices the world had to offer. A reliable, one stop shop for the Martial Artist and fighter.

We make, we sell, you save, on quality gear, always.

We are your one stop shop… actually more than that…. – for all Martial Arts, combat, Boxing and fitness goods – either in uniform, protective padding, striking bags, technology , embroidery, hand made swords, quality weapons, screen printing, casting, laminating and so very much more…..

Our service is unique as, we make , to order custom make gear for clients; in brand ,quantity volume, style need or simply cater for body size and shape.

We design our products to reflect the needs of our clients in terms of protection, Association requirements, comfort features , quality and design innovations, and peculiar style needs.

Our extensive experience assists to guide our customers , always to the best products for their style. This way you will always purchase your gear with confidence.

Ray Hana’s draws upon collectively 80 years of manufacturing and design experience to make and offer you the best available in Australia or the World.

We stock and sell our own product lines – Reflex, Tatsuko, Boxing Tiara and REX –. Each line has its own story, Reflex, our flagship Combat gear, Tatsuko our locally made indestructible product, Boxing Tiara for the empowerment of our young women and the more vigorous REX to inspire the spirits and imagination of young our young men.

Always innovative and creative, you will find our friendly, educated and experienced staff to guide you through the myriad of options and locate the best items suitable for you.

Our belief is to walk the long journey with you as, you walk from novice to multi dan Sensei/Coach – we will be there with you on that path in Martial Arts and fitness, wherever, however, and for how long, it takes you.

Ray Hana’s are passionate about their products. The leathers, threads, vinyls, swivels all pass through detailed eyes ensuring that the product that goes out is best suited for the needs.

Ray Hana’s is passionate about recycling and aims to leave a small carbon footprint, recycling as much as possible and wherever possible.

Ray Hana’s believes in the community, sponsoring Competitions, Events, fighters and people so that the community as a whole grows expands and prospers.

Ray Hana’s believe in ethical trade, and ensures that no child labour is used in the manufacture of our products. We conduct ourselves fairly. We sell product that is legal in the State of sale. We subscribe to the notion that we sell products made purposefully for the intention of practice is Martial arts, that the goods be of a good quality. This is the intent.

Ray Hana’s consciously chooses not to sell weapons that are illegal, concealable or excessively dangerous or can easily pose harm to the community in the hands of the untrained.

Ray-Hana’s believe in you. Your ability to be your best and to choose courage, daily , to train and be your best.

Ray Hana’s ship locally, nationally and internationally and welcome all enquiries.

We love what we do, as your one stop shop, we make, sell you save – everytime.